Lootcrate Examples

These were created for Ringling College's PreCollege program in just 5 days. If you are curious about being apart of it, go to https://www.ringling.edu/precollege/

Garuto Chest, Miranda Cohen

The Last of Us Crate, Nassif

Lizzy McNeil, Sea of Thieves, Lootcrate

Little Miracle Station, Mateo Hererra

Resident Evil 7 Crate, Elizaveta Ryzhova

Life is Strange Crate, Casey Kaplan

Outlast Lootbox, Audrey Vesper (Created for Marty Murphy)

WoW Chest, Ezri Sullivan, (Created for Marty Murphy)

Fallout Chest, aruff, (Created for Marty Murphy)

Far Cry 4 Chest, jhorowi, (Created for Marty Murphy)