PreCollege 2022

Over the summer I ran a class for high school students teaching them game art over the course of two weeks, Monday -> Thursday. Special Thanks to Laela Russell, Sara Giovanello and Sally Tan who were incredibly helpful as teaching assistants and Marty Murphy for designing the structure I worked off of.

Card Back: design a card back inspired by a popular game of their choice that is instantly recognizable from the property. Time spent was 2-3 days learning Substance Painter.
Loot Crate: design a loot crate asset that fits stylistically in the genre of the game of their choice. Time spent was 4 days learning Maya.

Miranda Cohen, Garuto Chest, Loot Crate, 2022

Elizaveta Ryzhova, Resident Evil 7, Loot Crate, 2022

Nassif, The Last of Us, Loot Crate, 2022

Casey Kaplan, Life is Strange, Loot Crate, 2022

Tatiana Multach, Beat Saber, Cardback

Averie Adam, Monument Valley, Cardback

Joy Chee, Hades, Cardback

Nassif, Valorant, Cardback

Casey Kaplan, Geometry Dash Card, Cardback

Iris Wong, Sky: Children of the Light, Cardback

Elizaveta Ryzhova, Hollow Knight, Cardback

Lily Tucker, Zelda, Cardback